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ailure is probably the fortification in your pole. It is like a peek your wallet as the thief, when you are thinking how to spend several hard-won lepta, when you are wondering whether new money, it has laid background. Because of you, then at the heart of the most lax, alert, and most low awareness, and left it godsend failed.
Success and failure is and walkers. When you experience the enjoyment of victory, success and failure in the far away from you hide the corner, or wait in the waiting outside, you consider it. Therefore, when one victory, enjoying the mood of the holiday, the more times, when the attack is over failure. The former, the latter more lax degree will succeed. The former, the latter will not slack away a shot harvest it "success". Who is to come, success and failure in the "twin", manipulation, and stand, vigorous... Step after of the road of life.